LPG gas cylinder blast in Bengaluru three storey building kills four

LPG gas cylinder blast in Bengaluru three storey building kills four

Four persons including a pregnant woman were killed after an LPG cylinder exploded in a three-storey building in Bengaluru.

This cylinder explosion took place in Circle Gundappa Laypot in Ejipura on the early morning of Monday and four dead bodies were recovered from the building debris. It was suspected that few more people might have been trapped under the debris.

The deceased people were identified as Saravana aged 31 and his wife Ashwini aged 27. Ashwini was eight months pregnant. Other two deceased persons are Kalavathi aged 68 and Ravichandran aged 45.

Two other injured persons named Hariprasad and Kalyani were rescued and rushed to a private hospital.

Fire and Emergency personnel rushed to the spot to carry out the rescue operations. The four dead bodies were rescued by them and were taken to the hospital for postmortem.

fire explosion

Representative image of a fire explosion. Photo courtesy of Praisaeng/Freedigitalphotos.net

The fire officials said that the LPG cylinder exploded at around 6:50 am after the gas leakage took place from the cylinder. The three-storey building was 30 years old building and collapsed due to the impact of the cylinder explosion.

It was reported that three families stay in that building. Three fire personnel with names Suresh, Somashekar and Subash were also injured after the wall of the building collapsed on them when they were carrying out the rescue operations. They were admitted in a private hospital.

The family members were saddened by this news and said that there were cracks in the building which was brought to the notice of the building owner Gunesh several times. But the owner did not bother to fix the cracks in the building which led to its collapse.

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