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Local Gangs to be replaced by Drama Juniors Season 5

Drama Juniors is getting ready for yet another season of entertainment with new tweaks and makeover.

Drama Juniors season 5 which features talented kids will replace Local Gangs, a comedy show which Pradeep Machiraju is hosting.

The channel airing the show is planning to replace Local Gangs after the first set of episodes for the new show are shot after completion of the lockdown which has been extended till May 7 in Telangana.

The first teaser of Drama Juniors season 5 featuring filmmaker Harish Shankar has been released leaving fans wanting for more entertainment. He has been roped in for the teaser and he may not be seen as a judge for the show.

It is expected that three popular actresses will be judging the show in the fifth season. The launch date and other details of the show will be revealed shortly.

Pradeep Machiraju

Pradeep Machiraju

Pradeep Machiraju will be hosting Drama Juniors season 5, even he is missing his TV shoots and is waiting to resume shootings for his ongoing and upcoming shows as well as soon as the normalcy prevails.

Vijay, Trivedhi, Roshan, Vignesh, Sharma, Rupika, Haasini, Padmavathi, Jahnavi, Divya Roopa and Vaishnavi from Season 2 of the Drama Juniors series emerged as the winner of the last season judged by Ali, Ohmkar and anchor Anasuya Bharadwaj.

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