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Libyan plane hijack update: Two hijackers surrender after safe release of passengers

Afriqiyah Airways A320, a Libyan flight with 118 people on board was hijacked by two hijackers on Friday.

Libyan Flight Hijack Update

The doors of the plane were opened at 1:44 pm local time and the passengers had started coming off the flight with the help of the staircase.

As per the reports of the official from Afriqiyah Airways, the two hijackers expressed in releasing the passengers but they will take hold of pilot.

Atlast the Libyan Plane hijack came to a peaceful end as the two hijackers surrendered and came out after all the passengers and crew had come out of the plane.

Afriqiyah Airways A320 hijacked

Afriqiyah Airways A320

The hijackers have been taken into custody. All the passengers left the plane without any hand luggage. Claiming to be supporters of the late Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, the hijackers were identified as Moussa Shaha and Ahmed Ali, Libyans who were in their twenties.

How the Libyan Flight Hijack Story Unfolded

Joseph Muscat, Malta’s Prime Minister tweeted that there was a potential hijack situation that involved an internal Libyan flight which was diverted to Malta. The emergency operations are underway at the airport.

Malta airport said that a Libyan plane landed at the Mediterranean island and there were two hijackers in the plane.

It also said that all emergency teams were sent to the site and called it unlawful interference on the airport tarmac.

Malta’s state television TVM had shown that two hijackers in the plane had threatened to blow it up and diverted the plane to the Mediterranean island.

The hijackers on board had hand grenades and threatened to explode the plane. The engine of the plane were still running.

All the other flights coming in and going out of Malta have been cancelled. The Afriqiyah Airways Airbus A320 flight took off from the Tamhent Airport from the Libyan town of Sabha to the capital city of Tripol.

A negotiating team was kept as stand by at the Malta International airport and is waiting for instructions from the Prime Minister who is in a meeting with the National Security Committee.


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