Largest diamond weighing around 1,758 carats unearthed in Botswana’s mine in Africa

The largest diamond weighing around 1,758 carats was unearthed in Botswana diamond mines in Africa by a Canadian mining company.

The Canadian company in central east Botswana is running the Karowe, Botswana diamond mines and believes that the stone was one of the largest diamonds to be unearthed which nearly weighs 352 grams with dimensions 83mmx62mmx46mm.

lucara diamond

Botswana diamond mines

Eira Thomas, CEO of Lucara said that the technology advanced and XRT diamond recovery circuit once again produced historic results. After the establishment of the new XRT plant, 12 diamonds with more than 300 carats were produces including two stones weighing more than 1000 carats.

Lucara owning 100% of the Botswana mine in Karowe is the leading producer of exceptional quality Type IIa diamonds. Botswana is the leading producer of high quality diamonds in the world.

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