Lakewood shooting update : Four wounded in Frank Bartolf Sports Complex gunfire

Lakewood shooting update : A sports complex in New Jersey’s Lakewood named as the Frank Bartolf Sports Complex saw gunfire erupt on Saturday night leaving four people sustaining grave injuries.

According to the Lakewood shooting news, the cops had received a call from a lady at about 9:40 PM informing them that she was heading to Monmouth Medical Southern Campus Hospital to admit least one victim who was wounded in the Lakewood sports complex shooting.

Upon arriving at the Frank Bartolf Sports Complex, the Lakewood police saw two men of 24 years and 53 years age lying with gunshot injuries to a leg, along with a 30-year-old woman who was hit by a bullet in the abdomen. The police also saw a vehicle abandoned outside the Lakewood sports complex after rushing the injured to the hospital.

As per the Lakewood police, a 28-year-old male was also found to have been shot at the Frank Bartolf Sports Complex shooting incident, reported The Lakewood Scoop.

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A man loading his handgun. Photo courtesy of Pong/

A 25-year-old man named Jahquan Fenn was arrested by the police after he was trying to flee from the crime scene in a car all the while hiding a firearm under his body.

Going by the latest Lakewood shooting updates, the police thoroughly searched each and every vehicle that was leaving the Frank Bartolf Sports Complex, located around 60 miles of Newark in the south direction.

As part of it, two women in their 20s were arrested by the police on charges of possessing a controlled dangerous substance at the Lakewood sports complex.

Lakewood shooting update from various media publications report that the cops had recovered two more guns during their investigation, one of them found on the ground between a couple of parked cars at the Frank Bartolf Sports Complex.

However, the Lakewood police wouldn’t confirm if any of the recovered weapons were used in the Lakewood sports complex shooting incident.

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