La Tuna fire update : Emergency declared in Los Angeles as fire continues to spread

La Tuna fire update : Los Angeles is battling with a stubborn brush fire emanating from the Verdugo Mountains in the La Tuna Canyon area since Friday, destroying over 5,000 acres.

The destruction caused by the La Tuna fire has prompted Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti to call it as the largest wildfire in the city’s history.

Mayor Eric Garcetti has even declared a local emergency even as hundreds of Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD) firefighters are working overtime to douse the blaze.

According to the latest La Tuna fire updates, there seems to be no respite for the brave Los Angeles firefighters as the flames are only spreading rapidly because of the unruly weather conditions. So far the containment of the La Tuna Canyon fire has been only up to 10%.

The La Tuna Canyon fire owing to severe heat and wild wind conditions has been reported by the Los Angeles Times to be spreading in four directions.

So far three residences have been burnt although there have been no reports of any injuries until Saturday.

La Tuna Canyon fire photo

La Tuna Canyon fire. Photo courtesy of Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti .

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti on the La Tuna fire stated: “The La Tuna Canyon Fire is an emergency that requires all available resources to protect our residents and keep our homes and other structures out of harm’s way.

“We are grateful for the men and women of LAFD, and all our partner agencies, for their heroic efforts to attempt to bring the fire under control and to keep people and their homes safe.”

La Tuna Canyon Fire Video

The local emergency declared by Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti means that all the relevant departments in the city have to take all the mandatory steps for the protection of life and property in the areas hit by the La Tuna Canyon Fire.

Mayor Eric Garcetti also said that his declaration urges California Governor Jerry Brown to declare an emergency to facilitate state and federal assistance to the City of Los Angeles in providing relief from the La Tuna fire.

As per the La Tuna fire updates, over 700 homes in the Los Angeles County have been ordered to be evacuated. In Burbank, 300 homes have been advised to be evacuated while 250 in Glendale and 180 in Los Angeles City were also asked to be vacated by the officials to survive from the La Tuna Canyon Fire.

LAFD in its update on the La Tuna Canyon fire stated: “LaTunaFire Incident is in Unified Command with LAFD, Glendale Fire, Burbank Fire, LAPD and in partnership with LACoFD who is assisting with resources to combat this incident. Total acreage estimate remains at +5,000 though we are confident it’s bigger and once we are able to fly the perimeter we will update the size.

“Containment remains at 10%. No loss of life and no injuries reported. 3 structures destroyed by fire: 7675 Verdugo Crestline Drive (2 houses on 1 lot) 7717 Verdugo Crestline Drive (1 house).”

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