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Kurnool employee stuck in Wuhan seeks government help

A software techie from Kurnool, Annem Jyothi is seeking government help for her early evacuation as she was not allowed to board the two special Air India flights due to high temperature in Wuhan.

Two Air India flights have evacuated Indians from Coronavirus hit Wuhan in China.

She narrated her experience in a video recorded message in which she said: “I was asked not to board the first flight as there was an evacuation of Indian people from China. I was assured that I can get into the next flight but I was not allowed to board the next flight as well because of the high body temperature.”



She added that she should be brought back to India as she do not have any coronavirus symptoms.

She added: “From the entire batch, two people including me, are stuck here. Chinese authorities have not proved that we are affected by the virus. We are not having any symptoms of coronavirus and now our body temperature is also normal. We request to state and the central government to take us back home,”.

Her mother Pramila Devi also requested government to bring her daughter back home from China: “My daughter is safe now, she is not affected by any fever or virus, we urge the government to get her back home. Due to an atmosphere of tension and stress, she had a high body temperature but now she is fine.”

Jyothi was one among the 58 techies of TLC who got stuck in Wuhan due to nCoV outbreak and her wedding is planned to take place on February 18.

Her fiance said: “The Government must get her back as she is fine and fit now, due to the news she was panicking and got a high body temperature”.

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