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Karnataka on high alert as Nipah virus spreads in areas bordering Kerala

Karnataka is on high alert, mainly at the areas bordering Kerala as 11 people died of deadly Nipah Virus in Kozhikode in the last few days.

The Karnataka Health and Family Welfare Department directed primary healthcare centres in Mysuru and Chamanrajnagar districts to be alert and to report suspected Nipah virus cases from Kerala as the two districts share borders with Kerala.

A team has been sent to Kerala from Delhi to prepare a report, based on which national guidelines will be issued as said by Department Director Dr PL Nataraj.

Dr Shivakumar, a senior Consultant Neurologist and Epileptologist of Sakra World Hospital said that those who are travelling to Kerala should be careful when they have to come in contact with Nipah virus infected people. He advised not to eat fruits that fell on the ground and not to drink raw date palm sap in Kerala. Also he cautioned to not to go closer to sick domestic animals and pigs.

He stressed on the precautions and said that the people in the Nipah virus affected areas should not eat or drink date palm sap which is a sweet drink popular in winter, when the sap is easy to collect from tree with a spigot. A bat sits on the palm tree to eat sap just above the collection jar. We can prevent the spread of Nibah virus by avoiding contact with infected animals or by using appropriate personal protective equipment.

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