Kannada film Bell Bottom to be remade in Telugu

Bell Bottom was a super hit Kannada movie featuring Rishab Shetty and Hari Priya, which was released in February this year directed by Jayatheertha.

Bell Bottom story set in 1980s is the story of Detective Divaraka. Now the buzz is that the Hindi and Telugu remake rights of the movie was bought by KN Enterprises.

The movie will have a good reach in any language it is made. Bell Bottom Kannada film is running towards 50 days and was innovatively promoted before its release with posters, trailers and audio trailer.

The cast and crew for Hindi and Telugu remake of Bell Bottom is not yet finalized.

Bell Bottom film is based on a short story by Dayanand TK about Divaraka, a detective at heart ends up taking a biggest case in the area.

He meets many criminals and his love, Kusuma who is bootlegger selling hooch. The case seems impossible to solve at times with so many characters under suspicion.

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