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K-Pop singer Goo Hara found dead at her home in Seoul

South Korean singer and former band member of K-Pop group Kara, Goo Hara was found dead at her home in Seoul on Sunday.

Police are trying to know about the cause of Goo Hara’s death. Goo Hara aged 28 years was found dead by her friend at around 6PM at her home in Gangnam Ward in Seoul. Police are looking the case into a possibility of suicide also.

Image Courtesy: Goohara/twitter

Image Courtesy: Goohara/twitter

Six months ago, she was found unconscious at her home when the media reported it as apparent suicide attempt.

She made her singing debut in 2008 in Kara as girl band member before it became very popular a decade later. She kept her career on hold late last year after she got struck in revenge pornography case with her ex-boy friend.

She took him to court when he threatened to release an intimate video of her. He had been given a suspended jail term due to threat.

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