Junior artist Sunitha accuses film critic Kathi Mahesh of sexual assault

Actress Sri Reddy protest against casting couch is taking turns as another junior artiste Sunitha accused of popular film critic Kathi Mahesh of sexual assault.

Character artiste Sunitha has been supporting Sri Reddy in her fight against casting couch and Sunitha has now accused Mahesh Kathi of sexually assaulting her.

Kathi Mahesh (Bigg Boss show)

Sunitha spoke to a television channel recently in which she said that Kathi Mahesh had forced himself on her and attempted to rape her at his home.

She said: “I know Mahesh Kathi through Facebook and after watching him on Bigg Boss, I called him up to congratulate him. He then invited me to his house and to my surprise, he asked me if I will give commitment. When I refused, he locked the door behind him and sexually assaulted me,”.

Kathi Mahesh also gave a strong reply and said that Sunitha’s allegations were completely false and said that he would take legal action against Sunitha. He said: “Let her show me the proof and I am ready to go the police station with her. These are completely false allegations and I will take legal action against her,”.

Kathi Mahesh also took to twitter to express his feelings, he posted: “I will be filing a defamation case against Sunitha for falsely accusing me of sexual harassment and Konidela Productions for instigating her (sic),”.

Let us wait and see whose allegations are right in the future.

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