Jayalalitha heart attack news shocks Tamil Nadu

Jayalalitha Health News December 4 : Breaking news from Chennai is that Tamil Nadu CM Jayalalithaa has suffered a severe heart attack.

Jayalalitha Heart Attack News Update

Jayalalitha heart attack news is coming in all the television channels sidetracking the demonetization news which otherwise has been dominating news channels since November 9.

Jayalalitha is in a highly critical state leaving her supporters outside the Apollo Hospitals in complete grief. Apollo Hospitals has confirmed that Jayalalitha has suffered a cardiac arrest.

Reports are coming that Jayalalitha may find it difficult to survive from the heart attack.

Jayalalitha Heart Attack

Jayalalitha Heart Attack News | Jayalalitha Health News December 4

Soon after Jayalalitha heart attack, the hospital staff have shifted the incumbent Tamil Nadu CM to the Critical Care Unit from the special ward she had only moved a few days back.

Mood outside the hospital is already filled with sorrow. AIADMK supporters are weeping uncontrollably.

Jayalalitha Health News December 4

On hearing about Jayalalitha heart attack news, Tamil Nadu Governor Ch Vidyasagar Rao has cancelled all his other plans and is rushing back to Chennai.

There is every possibility of a major announcement coming from the Governor in sometime about Jayalalitha health condition.

The irony was that, only a few hours back, the AIADMK party had announced that Jayalalitha health has completely recovered and the CM is almost ready to be discharged.

Just when the celebrations were about to begin, came the shocking Jayalalitha heart attack news that has changed the atmosphere in Tamil Nadu all of a sudden.

People are preparing for the worst it seems. It could be anytime from now that an announcement could be made on the serious Jayalalitha health condition.

Jayalalitha health status following the heart attack could either be good or bad.

It has been a long journey for Jayalalitha in battling for her life so far. She was hospitalized way back on September 22 after complaining of fever and dehydration.

For most part of her stay in the hospital, it was revealed that she was suffering from a serious respiratory infection. Apollo Hospital chairman Dr Prathap C Reddy had on a couple of occasions recently said that her infection was completely under control and could be discharged any day as per her wishes.

While everyone started to get ready for her discharge after a long time comes this shocking Jayalalitha heart attack news.

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