Jayalalitha Heart Attack News Update : Amma alive reiterates Jaya TV as TN prepares for the worst

The latest on Jayalalitha health condition Dec 5 is that her channel Jaya TV is reiterating that Amma is very much alive although the atmosphere in the state is hinting at the worst to happen anytime.

Jayalalitha Health Condition Dec 5

Tamil Nadu is on the edge as every minute is going to be nerve-wrecking, especially for the AIADMK supporters who were preparing to celebrate their leader’s recovery until yesterday evening when Jayalalitha heart attack news broke.

Jayalalithaa is currently being treated by an expert team that includes cardiologists, critical care specialists and a pulmonologist as per an Apollo Hospitals media release.

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Apollo Hospitals is also asking for divine intervention to help Jayalalitha recover from the massive heart attack which shows the gravity of the situation.

Jayalalitha Health Condition Dec | Jayalalitha Heart Attack News

Jayalalitha Health Condition Dec | Jayalalitha Heart Attack News

The hospital has released another statement which revealed that Jayalalitha has been put on a extracorporeal heart assist device.

Jayalalitha health status has deteriorated rapidly all of a sudden as she suffered a cardiac arrest on Sunday evening.

Jayalalitha Heart Attack News

Tamil Nadu has gone into an anxious mood again while AIADMK supporters are filled with grief in the anticipation that something critical has happened to their beloved Amma.

It has been reported that the Tamil Nadu police have been ordered to report to duty at 7:00 AM this morning which indicates that there is expectation of a major announcement to come from Apollo Hospitals anytime following Jayalalitha heart attack.

Cinema halls in Tamil Nadu will not be playing any shows on Friday which is again indicating at something serious to happen in the state on Monday.

On hearing about Jayalalitha heart attack news, Tamil Nadu Governor Ch Vidyasagar Rao had rushed to Chennai last midnight. Home Minister Rajnath Singh has been in touch with the Governor on Jayalalitha health condition.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, President Pranab Mukherjee and several other prominent personailities have responded to Jayalalitha heart attack news, expressing both shock and offering prayers for her recovery which looks to be difficult this time around.

The state of Tamil Nadu is getting prepared for any untoward incidents and hysteric reactions on Monday from thousands of die hard supporters of the AIADMK supremo. Tamil Nadu has also called up for the deployment of paramillitary forces to tackle a potentially unruly situation after Jayalalitha heart attack news emerged last evening.

Since Sunday evening, the atmosphere in Tamil Nadu has been filled with complete grief. Supporters of Amma appear to have given up their hopes of the CM’s survival as they have gone into a very pessimistic mood, anticipating the worst to happen.

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