Jayalalitha Health Update October 11 : AIADMK reiterates Amma is fine, no more rumours

Ruling party in Tamil Nadu – the AIADMK has launched a social media campaign which reiterates that Jayalalitha health condition is fine and urging people not to spread rumours about her.

“All is well with Puratchi Thalivi Amma” reads the AIADMK campaign.

This serves as the latest Jayalalitha health update that Amma is fine and on her way for yet another comeback to rule the southern state.

The October 10 Apollo Press Release giving the latest and official Jayalalitha health news, said that the CM is being constantly monitored by the Expert Panel featuring Intensivists and other Consultants. It also said that Jayalalitha is being given respiratory support, antibiotics, passive therapy, nutrition and supportive therapy.

While AIADMK has been quite boisterous about the improvement in Jayalalitha health condition, the common public isn’t all convinced.

Jayalalitha Health Update October 11

Jayalalitha Health Update October 11

By going through the comments on various media outlets, one can clearly understand that the Tamil Nadu people are not happy about the secrecy surrounding Jayalalitha health updates which are not coming across enough.

Jayalalitha Health Update Video October 11

Meanwhile, police have arrested two youth for spreading false rumours on Jayalalitha health news. It also came to the limelight that the Jayalalitha audio clip that made news a few days ago has turned out to be farce as well.

This means that Amma hasn’t talked yet to the Tamil Nadu public ever since she was hospitalized in Chennai complaining of fever and dehydration. In the audio clip, a voice that resembles Jayalalitha said that she was recovering and will be back soon.

Coming back to the latest AIADMK campaign which reassures about the improving Jayalalitha health condition, it is clearly an attempt to prevent the party from breaking up and keep the flock together.

On twitter, AIADMK is asking its followers to change their display pictures to a photo that reads – MyCMisFine…NoMoreRumours over Amma’s portrait showing a victory sign.

This comes as a significant move from the AIADMK as its rival party DMK is looking to sneak through in this gap of Jayalalitha’s inactivity period. For AIADMK, the party has rather heavily depended on one individual which isn’t good for them in the long run.

Let us wait and watch for the next Jayalalitha health update if we can get more information about Amma health condition.



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