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Jayalalitha Health Update Oct 18 : Amma suffering from ARDS, needs long rest

In the Jayalalitha health latest news, it has been reported that Amma is recovering but would need significant rest which means a longer stay in hospital.

As of now Jayalalithaa continues to be closely monitored in the critical care unit although gradually the life support is off her atleast during day time.

The Tamil Nadu CM has been given antibiotics while also receiving nebulisation to aid in her breathing and decongesting her lungs.

Jayalalithaa has been suffering from serious respiratory problems.

The 68-year-old Jayalalitha health status is that she has been diagnosed with ARDS (Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome), a life threatening medical condition. The problem is that Jayalalithaa is having other health problems including diabetes which is making the treatment for ARDS complicated.

Jayalalitha health condition

Jayalalitha health condition news

This is the reason why the Tamil Nadu CM has been taking such a long time to come out of the hospital in good health.

While Amma is ailing in the hospital, anxiety among the AIADMK supporters is growing day by day inspite of several assurances that she is recovering and out of danger. This is because there is not much of latest news on Jayalalitha health emerging in the local media.

On Monday, it has been reported that an AIADMK councilor and a DMK worker came to blows after a heated argument about Jayalalitha health status. The two landed in a hospital in Pollachi following their fight.

Meanwhile, the Tamil Nadu police continue to arrest mischievous rumour mongers for releasing fake photos and audio on social media about Jayalalitha health condition. Some of the rumours have gone too nasty and in bad taste as well.

The Tamil Nadu CM has been in Apollo Hospitals in Chennai since September 22 and so far there has been no concrete news about her discharge from the hospital. Jayalalitha health status has been widely followed by people living outside Tamil Nadu, including those staying outside India with Jayalalitha health news becoming a hot topic following all the suspense and mystery attached to it.

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