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Jayalalitha Health Condition Oct 31 : Amma likely to be flown to London for further treatment

Jayalalitha Health Condition Oct 31 Report : According to the latest news on Jayalalitha health status, the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister discharge from Apollo Hospitals in Chennai seems to have missed the Diwali date for some reasons.

Senior politician in the country, Subramanian Swamy, who has inside information about most things through various sources and also on Jayalalitha health condition, had tweeted that Jayalalithaa may be flown to London as per her doctor’s wish.

One thing is clear from Subramanian Swamy’s tweets, that Jayalalitha health condition has definitely improved and that she has “miraculously” regained her consciousness.

Going by the use of the miraculous word, we can understand that Jayalalithaa may have virtually beaten death all these days to recover.

However, Jayalalitha discharge date which was reported by a section of the media to be close to Diwali hasn’t happened.

Jayalalitha health condition

Jayalalitha health condition news

Jayalalitha Health Condition Oct 31

News from the AIADMK about their refusal to celebrate Diwali on Sunday has created fresh doubts about Jayalalitha health condition.

However, the party has been quite confident about Jayalalitha health status becoming close to normal.

As OyeChronicle reported earlier in its Jayalalitha health news coverage, discharge date of the CM could be a closely guarded secret between the Tamil Nadu police in co-ordination with the Apollo management so as to avoid any commotion.

Ever since, the AIADMK has been admitted in Apollo Hospitals in Chennai, scores of her supporters and media personnel have camped outside the hospital premises to get first hand information about Jayalalitha health condition.

Jayalalitha Health Status

In another confirmed report about the latest Jayalalitha health status is that her right hand is badly inflamed. She has reportedly used her left thumb impression to attest her party members’ bi-election papers.

Jayalalithaa is said to have given her thumb impression in presence of the hospital doctors who had released a statement regarding that. Again it confirms that Amma is in a conscious state and is fully aware of everything happening around her.

While Jayalalitha health condition is improving for sure, her next public appearance isn’t likely to be coming in the next few days. She could well be taking a long rest to completely recover from the ailment that has kept her in the hospital for more than a month.


  1. Preying for jeya Lol it a

  2. amma get well soon people waiting for ur humble support,hope u get well by the grace of lord almighty.

  3. I pray to God for Jayalalitha’s speedy recovery.

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