Jayalalitha Health Condition Nov 14 : Jayalalitha letter to public says she has taken a rebirth

Jayalalitha Health Condition Nov 14 : Jayalalitha health condition has been revealed right from the horse’s mouth as the Chief Minister had for the first time communicated with her state people by sending across a signed letter.

Jayalalitha Health News Update on Jayalalitha Health Condition Nov 14

In what is her first official communication with the public from the hospital, Jayalalithaa thanked the Tamils for the love they showed on her all these days.

Having spent close to two months in hospital, Jayalalithaa on Sunday wrote that “I have taken a rebirth”.

Jayalalitha health status we now know for sure is absolutely fine and it is only matter of a few days before she comes out to show herself to the public.

In the letter, Jayalalithaa attributed her miraculous recovery to the prayers and poojas conducted by several people across Tamil Nadu, other states and outside India.

Jayalalitha Letter to Public

The Tamil Nadu Chief Minister said that she was looking to get back to routing official work after completely recovering.

Jayalalitha Letter to Public page 1

Jayalalitha Letter to Public page 1

She wrote that she doesn’t know rest and cannot stop working for the welfare of the Tamil Nadu people.

The AIADMK supremo also regretted on the deaths of some of her cadre who reportedly died either due to shock or committed suicide on hearing worsening Jayalalitha health condition few days back.

In the two-page letter written in Tamil, Jayalalithaa did not miss out on promoting the party in the by-elections, appealing the public to vote for the AIADMK on November 19.

“I am eagerly waiting for the news of victory” said Jayalalithaa before signing off.

Jayalalithaa letter second page

Jayalalithaa letter second page

Admitted in Apollo Hospitals on September 22 for fever and dehydration, Jayalalitha had a lung infection which took a long time for treatment and recovery. Finally, after days of uncertainty over Jayalalitha health condition, the 68-year-old Tamil Nadu CM has emerged strongly to step out from the hospital bed.

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