Jayalalitha death mystery finally revealed?

Ever since her demise in December last year, there have been numerous conspiracy theories on Jayalalitha’s death doing the rounds with each of them having a different angle describing about former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalitha death mystery.

Dr. Richard Beale, who was specially flown in from the UK to treat the AIADMK supremo cleared some of the air on the mysterious death of Jayalalitha in a press conference on Monday.

Jayalalitha Death Mystery

According to doctors treating her at Chennai’s Apollo Hospital, Jayalalithaa died of multiple organ failure after sepsis had spread to her heart and other organs. “Sepsis is when the body has an inflammatory reaction to illness. It can set in a matter of hours or days. The bacteria in her blood subsequently attached to her heart,” Dr. Richard Beale explained to clear the Jayalalitha death mystery besides adding that diabetes had made things worse on the treatment front.

Jayalalitha Dead Body photo

Jayalalitha dead body wrapped in tri-colour

Jayalalitha Death Conspiracy Theories

Dr. Beale also dismissed all the Jayalalitha death conspiracy theories while addressing the media along with Dr Babu and Dr Balaji from Apollo Hospital. “There was no conspiracy,” he reiterated. Doctors added that the press conference was meant to put an end to all unnecessary speculations.

“It was a sudden cardiac arrest. CPR was started immediately. It went around for 20 minutes. She was administered extracorporeal membrane oxygenation [ECMO] after her heart did not respond,” Dr Babu said. “When the sepsis progressed, Jayalalithaa was put on ventilator support. After the infection spread to her organs, it led to shortness of breath,” Dr Richard Beale added.

“She was speaking till the time she had cardiac arrest,” said Dr. Babu while Dr. Beale added, “There’s no question here about poisoning. Anyone who goes through medical history properly will realise how silly this question is. It is clear what the disease progression was. There was nothing mysterious.”

On why no photographs or other details were released by the hospital of Jayalalitha, Dr Richard Beale said, “It is not normal practice to take photos and publish private details. It is an intrusion of privacy. I cannot understand why anybody here would think that is a reasonable thing to do.”

That was Dr Richard Beale trying his best to clear things about Jayalalitha death mystery but do you think he was convincing?

It can be recalled that Jayalalithaa passed away on December 6 after battling for life at Chennai’s Apollo Hospital for 75 days. Jayalalitha death news came as a shock for everyone in Tamil Nadu.

In no time after her death, her close aide VK Sasikala Natarajan is all set to take over as Tamil Nadu CM following O Panneerselvam’s resignation on Sunday, February 5.

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