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Jalayalalitha Health Update Oct 19 : Jayalalitha health bulletin stopped by Apollo Hospitals?

For some reason, Apollo Hospitals has stopped issuing Tamil Nadu CM Jayalalitha health bulletin.

The last time there was an official bulletin regarding the latest Jayalalitha health condition was on October 10 which means for eight consecutive days, the common public of Tamil Nadu has been kept in the dark about their beloved Amma.

In the last Jayalalitha health bulletin, Apollo Hospitals said that the CM was being closely monitored by intensivists and the panel of doctors. Prior to that on October 8, it said that the same line of treatment was continued while concluding that Jayalalithaa needed a longer stay in the hospital to fully recover.

It is indeed high time that Apollo Hospitals issue a latest Jayalalitha health bulletin to prevent any further speculations about Amma health condition.

Jayalalitha health condition news

Jayalalitha health condition news

The anxiety among the masses continues meanwhile with reports that several of her followers camping outside Apollo Hospitals just to hear something good about Jayalalitha health condition.

As of now there is not much of clarity on Jayalalitha health status although we get to hear positive things about her recovering from the illness that has kept her in the hospital since September 22.

Most of the time, we get to hear about Jayalalitha health rumours and the related arrests from the Tamil Nadu police. A couple of days, a whatsapp video has emerged on youtube claiming that it contained visuals of Jayalalitha undergoing a CT scan.

The youtube video too looked fake like several other photos and audio clips that were previously released on social media.

Meanwhile, there is every possibility of a visit from Prime Minister Narendra Modi to the Apollo Hospitals anytime soon. Perhaps, Modi would give us all a genuine information about the latest Jayalalitha health status.

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