Israel rocked by anti-corruption protest against Benjamin Netanyahu

Benjamin Netanyahu is facing the heat as thousands of people took up the streets in an anti-government demonstration, dubbed as “march of shame” on Saturday in Tel Aviv demanding the resignation of the Israel Prime Minister over corruption charges.

Anti-corruption protests have been triggered in Israel after Benjamin Netanyahu has been alleged to be linked with corruption scandals.  Reuters has reported that around 20,000 people gathered during the Saturday protest even as the 68-year-old Benjamin Netanyahu claims his innocence in the scams.

Benjamin Netanyahu, who has been the Israel PM for four terms already, is alleged to have connection in two corruption cases. One of them involves accepting gifts from rich businessmen and the second is a deal negotiation with an owner of a newspaper for favorable coverage in exchange of imposing restrictions on a rival publication.

Benjamin Netanyahu photo

Benjamin Netanyahu. Photo courtesy of U.S. Department of State/

The massive anti-corruption demonstration on Saturday erupted because of a draft law that is likely to be ratified by the Israeli Parliament next week. If ratified, the law would prevent police from disclosing its findings in a couple of corruption investigations related to Benjamin Netanyahu.

The Israel Prime Minister alleges that there is a political witch hunt being carried against him and that nothing will come out of the investigations as there is no truth in the accusations on him.

Should Benjamin Netanyahu be found guilty in the corruption scandals, then he would likely to step down as the Prime Minister amid heavy public and opposition pressure, or may declare election to check whether he still enjoys the trust of the citizens.

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