Iran tests new ballistic missile which can potentially strike Israel

Iran missile launch : Defying several warnings from the US, Iran took a bold step by announcing the successful launch of a new medium-range missile that is capable of striking Washington’s ally Israel.

Iranian state television Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) showed the footage of the Khoramshahr missile launch following an extravagant military parade held in the country’s capital Tehran on Friday.

Time and date of the latest Iran missile launch was not revealed by IRIB though it is being speculated to have been done on Saturday.

Press TV, which is owned by IRIB, reported that the Khoramshahr missile can carry multiple warheads and is the third Iranian ballistic missile after Qadr-F and Sejjil missiles to have a striking range of 2,000kms.

Overseeing the military parade on Friday, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani vowed that Iran would move forward its missile programme irrespective of the warnings from the US.

Iran President Hassan Rouhani

Iran President Hassan Rouhani. Photo courtesy of Official website of the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Hassan Rouhani said that Iran will strengthen its missiles and also its air, land and navy forces while adding that the country doesn’t need anybody’s permission when it comes to defending itself.

The Iranian President Hassan Rouhani in his speech said: “Unfortunately, in today’s world, when a free nation wants to defend itself by producing its weapons with its own capable hands, it is accused by the world’s mercenaries and their propagandists, whereas they themselves produce billions of dollars of weapons every day and every year and flood them into the region and produce bombs that result in displacement and destruction for Yemen and they have plans, the result of which are destruction in Syria and Iraq and prevent the nations from developing, constructing, and advancing.”

In the past, Iranian missile launches had resulted in sanctions from the US. Washington had accused Tehran of breaching the spirit of the nuclear agreement between Iran and major world powers.

Recently, American President Donald Trump provoked Iran by calling the country as a “murderous regime” during a hostile speech at the United Nations General Assembly in New York. Trump has been threatening of pulling out from Iran nuclear deal 2015 signed by Tehran with major powers like the US, Russia, China and others.

In his UN speech, Donald Trump said that the Iran nuclear deal signed by his predecessor Barack Obama is an embarrassment to the US.

Following the latest Iran missile launch, all eyes will be on Donald Trump on how he will react after being put into double trouble from North Korea and now Tehran which have defied his pressures to go on with their respective weapons testing programmes.

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