Iran believed to have carried out UK Parliament cyber attack

UK Parliament cyber attack : British media has reported that Iran was instrumental in carrying out a cyber attack on UK’s parliament in late June, a news story that comes just after the government requested the US not to put the 2015 Iran nuclear agreement with Tehran in danger.

The cyber attack, which was initially suspected to have been done by Russia, saw email accounts of several MPs were compromised.

The UK then was wary of subsequent blackmailing after hackers attempted to breach into the parliamentary network system used by MPs along with their peers and staff.

According to reports on UK parliament cyber attack, the hackers were looking for weak passwords among 9,000 accounts and were successful in compromising nearly 90 email accounts in what was called as a “sustained and determined” cyber attack by the UK Parliament.

UK parliament cyber attack

UK Parliament cyber attack. Photo courtesy of UK Parliament

The Times has reported that Tehran hackers could steal sensitive material from the compromised accounts. Dozens of email accounts relating to MPs were those which were breached through.

The Tehran hackers had also reportedly targeted the email account of UK Prime Minister Theresa May during the UK cyber attack. According to the publication, although Russia was initially suspected behind the UK Parliament cyber attack, a subsequent investigation traced it to the Tehran regime showcasing that Iran was emerging as a significant cyberpower.

The timing of the revelation comes as a vindication for US President Donald Trump who has been threatening to scrap the 2015 Iran nuclear agreement. Other countries which are part of the nuclear deal with Iran including the UK have been strongly objecting Donald Trump’s negative attitude towards Tehran.

However, the latest report on UK Parliament cyber attack certainly puts Theresa May in a fix and could make her rethink the country’s policy with Iran.

Iran Behind UK Parliament Cyber Attack

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