Iran Air Boeing Deal : Iran to buy 80 planes in $16bn Iran Air Boeing order

The much talked about Iran Air Boeing deal has moved forward with Iran Air agreeing to purchase 80 commercial aircrafts from Boeing for a total price of $16.6 billion.

Branded as The Airline of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Iran Air will buy 50 Boeing 737 MAX 8s, 15 Boeing 777-300ERs and 15 Boeing 777-9s from the American aircraft manufacturer according to the Iran Air Boeing order.

Iran Air Boeing Deal News Update

As per the latest Iran Air Boeing deal news, delivery of the first airplanes to the Iran’s flag carrier in this regard has been fixed for 2018.

The Iran Air Boeing order will create around 100,000 jobs in the US aerospace industry during the span of the aircraft manufacturing and delivery project. Tens of thousands of jobs in the US will be supported for the 15 Boeing 777-300ER production and delivery, said Boeing.

Boeing 737 MAX Aircrafts photo

Boeing 737 MAX Aircrafts. Photo courtesy of Boeing.

Iran Air Boeing Order Background

The Iran Air Boeing deal contract was finalized complying with the US government license terms issued in September to the aircraft manufacturer, based on the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) Boeing signed with Iran Air in June.

Boeing said that it coordinated all along with the American government right through the process up to the sale. Further, it will continue following all license requirements during the implementation of the sales agreement with Iran Air.

Boeing 737 MAX Features

According to the aviation company, the Boeing 737 MAX features the LEAP-1B engines equipped with the latest technology CFM International, advanced technology winglets besides other enhancements for higher efficiency, passenger comfort and reliability in the single aisle aircraft sector.

The first Boeing 737 MAX is scheduled to be operational in 2017. As per the other Boeing 737 MAX features, the aircraft designed to be 14% more fuel efficient than the Next-Generation 737s, said Boeing.

As per the aircraft manufacturer, the Boeing 777-300ER besides being fuel and cost-efficient will also be the most reliable in the twin aisle aircraft market in the world, claimed Boeing. The Boeing 777-300ER is also said to have the highest cargo capacity among any passenger aeroplanes.

So far, Boeing has received orders of over 800 Boeing 777-300ERs worldwide.

Boeing 777X Features

The Boeing 777X line of aircrafts on the other hand is an enhancement on the Boeing 777 while providing additional market coverage and revenue capability compared to its competitors, said the American plane manufacturer.

The first of the Boeing 777X aircrafts is slated to be commissioned in 2020.

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