Intermediate student of Narayana Junior College attempts suicide at hostel

An Intermediate student of Narayana Junior College, Kukatpally attempted suicide by slitting her wrist in the hostel on Tuesday.

The girl was a second year Intermediate student, Navyasri Goud and she claimed that she was depressed for being harassed by her junior mathematics lecturer.

Navyasri Goud was admitted in the hospital and a case was registered against the lecturer. The girl said that she was punished by her mathematics lecturer Ms Keerthi six months ago for some issue and she questioned her lecturer that why she was punished for no reason.

Narayana Junior College

Narayana Junior College

She added that the lecturer had grudge against her for questioning her for punishment and she started to harass her continuously without any reason.

Navya Sri said: “She told me that I cannot question her and have no right to question her. She also threatened that she had the support of the college management and no one will question her on anything”.

Ms Keerthi abused NavyaSri Goud on Sunday night and said that she was useless and should die instead of studying in the college.

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