Indian Punjab student shot dead at grocery store in California by robbers

A 21 year old Indian student was shot dead by armed robbers at a grocery store in California on Tuesday night.

The Indian student, Dharampreet Singh Jasser was from Punjab Nawanshahr area and he was shot by the robbers who came to loot the store. Dharampreet Singh Jasser was doing his duty at a grocery store in Fresno city in California.

Four robbers barged into store including an Indian-origin man to loot the store where the Punjab student was working. The grocery store was located next to a gas station.

Dharampreet Singh Jasser hid behind the cash counter but was shot by one of the four robbers when they left the service station after they loot the cash and goods.

The incident was reported to police on Wednesday when a customer who went in to buy goods spotted Jasser on the floor. Jasser was a student of accounting and went to US three years ago on a student visa.

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A man loading his handgun. Photo courtesy of Pong/

Police arrested Athwal aged 22 years, an Indian origin man who is believed to be one among the four robbers who looted the gas station and fired multiple shots which hit Jasser.

Police reported that Fresno County Sheriff’s deputy saw the media coverage of the shooting incident and found some similarities between Athwal and the suspects.

Madera Sheriff’s detectives were contacted and they determined Athwal might be the suspect in the shooting. A warrant has been obtained and Athwal will be transferred to Madera Department of Corrections.

The suspect Athwal has been charged with robbery and murder. Madera Sheriff Jay Varney said that Dharampreet was an innocent victim who was doing his duty when he was ruthlessly killed by the robbers. They are searching for other suspects in this case.

Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh reacted to this shooting of Indian student and expressed shock. He requested External Affairs Minister Sushma Swarj to look into this matter and take it to top US authorities to ensure justice to the student’s family.

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