Indian origin Bengaluru woman attacked by shark dies while scuba diving in Costa Rica

An Indian origin tourist died after she was attacked by the shark while scuba diving in Costa Rica. She suffered severe bite on her legs when the shark attacked her about 300 miles south of Costa Rica as reported in The Mirror.

The deceased was identified as Rohina Bhandari, a director of a private equity firm which was founded by US President Donad Trump’s commerce secretary.

Her holiday turned tragedy as she lost life after being attacked by a tiger shark while her friends group surfaced from a dive off a remote island in the Pacific.

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Rohina Bhandari aged 49 years succumbed to severe injuries even though many doctors who were holidaying and also Cocos Island National Park guards tried their best to save her.

She was one among the 18 tourists diving off the World Heritage Site, which was known for its abundant species of sharks. The attack occurred last Thursday.

A dive master was also bitten by the shark during that incident. The dive master reported that the group tried to drive the shark away and he told this to park officials.

But the Costa Rica’s Environment Ministry dubbed it as the isolated incident which took place at Manuelita dive site.

Rohina Bhandari was native of Bengaluru, India and she planned to celebrate her 50th birthday with her friends in the city in December. She was working as a senior director for an investment firm in Mahattan, New York.

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