Indian man gets life sentence for trying to kill nurse in Singapore

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An Indian man sentenced to life term or 20 years jail for trying to murder a student nurse with possible caning as she rejected his proposal in Singapore.

The accused was a 34 year old man and his name was not revealed and he said that he did not had any intention to kill her in December 2013 but claimed that he took a knife with him as he wished to commit suicide in front of her.

The accused man could not recall what happened at that time and he stabbed her at the void deck of an apartment block where the student nurse lived. The nurse was 20 years old at the time of incident. The man attacked her relentlessly and forcefully.

The accused Indian man may face life time imprisonment or upto 20 years in jail along with possible caning or fine. The man will be sentenced on a later date.

The man came to know about the student nurse in February 2013 when he worked as a healthcare assistant which the nurse was attached to the hospital.

He flirted her even though she had a boy friend and she played initially but later apologized and said that it was a joke all along. She rejected his proposal and he did not like it and even he went to her apartment to marry him.

He again went to her flat in December 19, 2013 and proposed marriage to her. He again behaved aggressively and left her home after the police were called in. He went home and hid a wife in his sock and returned to her home and slept at the void deck and waited for her.

Next day at around 8:30 AM, he confronted her and demanded that she should talk to him. But she refused and he stabbed her in the lower back and she tried to push him away and he stabbed her in the abdomen. She fell on the floor and he continued stabbing and beat her on her head, neck, body and arms.

After hearing the girl screaming, her parents rushed down and her father noticed a knife in the man’s hand and was placing his hand on the top of his daughter. Then the girl’s father pushed the accused man away.

The knife dropped there and the man fled the flat after a brief fight. He was caught by the passers-by and arrested by the police. The man was shouting in Tamil saying “saavudi” in Tamil, which meant “die”. He also told her: “If I can’t have you, no man should have you.”

The accused man told to police that he was cheated by the girl. But the way he attacked and stabbed the girl revealed his intention to kill her.

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