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Hillary Clinton slams Donald Trump to be a threat to American democracy

Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton on Friday called her Republican counterpart Donald Trump as a threat to American democracy.

Clinton’s remarks follows repeated comments from Donald Trump that he would only accept his win and not defeat. Trump had been making claims that the 2016 Presidential Elections were already rigged against him while asking his followers to step up their vigil for the D day.

In a rally at Cleveland, Ohio, one of the important key swing states in the election, Hillary Clinton said: “We know the difference between leadership and dictatorship, and the peaceful transition of power is one of the things that sets us apart.”

Hillary Clinton photo

Hillary Clinton

Clinton added that Donald Trump’s refusal to accept the election results if he loses is a threat to the US democracy.

The lead up to the elections shows that Hillary Clinton is way ahead of Donald Trump. So far the contest between the two candidates has become extremely volatile with none of them holding back on having a go at each other.

During the third presidential debate, Donald Trump went on to call Hillary Clinton as a “nasty woman”. Trump has easily been one of the most controversial Presidential candidates in the US.

While some of his own party men have rejected his ideas outright, in particular about the rigging claims, a lot of his followers consider Donald Trump as a very straightforward person.

One thing is for sure that Donald Trump is against all odds in preventing Hillary Clinton from becoming the first ever woman President of the US.

Meanwhile, the Hillary Clinton camp is looking to win the elections by a bigger margin than what was planned before. This is being aimed to showcase to the American public that the elections were won genuinely and not by any rigging as claimed by Donald Trump.

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