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Hillary Clinton says FBI has no case on email investigation

Hillary Clinton has hit back to FBI’s new email inquiry saying that the agency has no case here during an election campaign in Ohio on Monday.

The Democratic Party presidential nominee came up with the most pointed comments on the subject that could be a make or break for her ahead of the US Presidential Elections 2016. Clinton appeared to repair her tarnished image by fighting aggressively against FBI Director James Comey during the Ohio campaign.

On Friday, the US was shaken by James Comey’s revelations that the FBI had new material in their possession that could revive its investigation into whether any classified information was passed on through Hillary Clinton’s private email server during her stint as secretary of state.

Hillary Clinton photo

Hillary Clinton

The Justice Department has committed to allocate all necessary resources for the FBI to review the emails to investigate the emails sent from the private email server, if they contained any classified information, and if so, whether they were handled appropriately or not.

The latest revelations have dented Hillary Clinton’s chances of becoming the first ever woman president of the US while Republican Party nominee Donald Trump revived his otherwise fading chances.

Hillary Clinton has accused the timing of the FBI just days away from the election. She challenged the FBI to take a look at the emails that are related to her longtime aide Huma Abedin, the ex-wife of disgraced Congressman Anthony Wiener.

Meanwhile Donald Trump has got the much needed fillip to his election campaign at the last minute. Whether the latest FBI revelations could tilt the elections in his favor or not will be known very shortly when America goes to vote on November 8.

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