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Hillary Clinton calls US Presidential Elections 2016 “make or break” moment for the country

Democratic Party Presidential Nominee Hillary Clinton on Friday said that America is at a “make or break” moment when the November 8 election date comes.

Addressing a rally at Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania, Clinton said that everything was on the line during the election date which can change the fate of the country either ways, for the good or the bad.

Speaking to her supporters, Hillary Clinton said that sometimes the fate of the greatest countries depend on single defining moments. The Democratic Party nominee drew comparison of the November 8 Election Day as that defining moment that can be seized by the Americans to either make or break the nation.

“It is in your hands”, Clinton told a rally of around 2000 people at the Great Hall at Heinz Field, Pittsburgh.

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton

Stressing further, Hillary Clinton hoped that the voters when asked by their kids and grandkids in the future what they did in 2016, when it really mattered, they would answer that they had voted for a better, strong and fairer America.

Hillary Clinton sustained her vicious attack on her rival The Republican Party nominee Donald Trump, saying that his temperament made him unfit to become the President of the United States.

Both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have been in a war of words with both accusing each other to be a threat to the country if elected.

Clinton has been attacking Trump for his alleged hatred for Muslim minorities and his alleged dirty behavior towards women. On the other side, Donald Trump has been accusing Hillary and her husband former President Bill Clinton to be dishonest people and not good for the country’s security.

While Hillary Clinton seemed to be leading the elections all the way along, a last minute twist with the FBI bringing her controversial email topic back in the limelight has tilted them in favor of Donald Trump.

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