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Girl’s condition critical administered with contaminated IV fluid in Gandhi Hospital

The health condition of a six-year old girl becomes critical after she was administered with IV fluid containing insect in it as it got contaminated.

The six year old named Sai Pravalika was admitted to state run Gandhi Hospital after complaining of recurring fever on December 7th.

Dharawath Bikshapathy and Sumalatha who are the girl’s parents found traces of yellowish fungal material and an insect in intravenous fluid which was injected to the girl.

IV fluid contaminated

IV fluid contaminated

They are residents of Mondrai village of Jangaon district.

The parents were cautioned after seeing the girl who started shivering suddenly. Half of the contaminated iv fluid was administered by the time they noticed the contaminated iv fluid.

Sai Pravalika is now battling for her life in Paediatric Unit of Gandhi Hospital.

Sumalatha, girls mother said that Pravalika’s body turned reddish and suddenly started to shiver after she was administerd with IV fluid. She also started gasping for breath and she informed this to the doctors.

The family has complained this to Chilkalguda Police. Bikshapathy said that contaminated bottle caused allergic reactions on her child’s body due to foreign material in the IV fluid.

Doctors have put on artificial oxygen, her parents are worried about her continuous critical condition.

NGO Helping Hand Foundation became furious for the negligence of doctors.

Dr GVS Murthy visited the facility said that they have checked the Iv fluid before it was administered and they found it was clear. He said there was no negligence in treatment and gave clean chit to the doctors. He also ruled out the manufacturing defect by the pharma company.

He added that they have alerted the Telangana Drug Control authorities to take up the investigation about the presence of foreign material in IV fluid.

The state commission for protection of child rights (SCPCR) also issued notices to the Director of Medical Education (DME), Telangana and Gandhi hospital superintendent, seeking an explanation by January 2, 2016.

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