Amith, Roll Rida out of car task in Bigg Boss Telugu 2?

Bigg Boss Telugu 2 updates: In a recent task of ‘Ticket to Finale’ the one among the first five members who enters car will get a chance to enter Finale. As per the rules, the five house mates should be in the car for 24 hours and they should not step out of the car.

Only food will be provided by other contestants who did not sit in the car. For this task, as Koushal is nominated for entire week by Geetha Madhuri in Murder Mystery task, he is the sanchalak for this Ticket to Finale Task.

The five members who entered the car are Tanish, Deepthi, Geetha Madhuri, Shyamala and Samrat. Roll Rida and Amit could not get into the car. Kaushal disqualifies Roll Rida for touching the car with his mike before the buzzer rigs and Amit is pushed aside by Shyamala while entering into the car.

In the midnight masala of September 6 in hotstar, we could see Geetha Madhuri and Samrat in the house and they might have stepped out of the car. Geetha Madhuri is seen working in the kitchen while Samrat is sleeping on the bed.

The twist in the task is that only one should be in the car when the final bazar rings and if more than one contestants are in the car, no one will get a ticket to finale and they will be in nominations. If any one contestant remains in the car for complete 24 hours, he or she will get immunity to enter the grand finale of Bigg Boss 2.

Deepthi and Shyama are also seen in washroom in midnight masala, we have to know whether they all decided to support Tanish to get ticket into finale or they got some time to finish their natural calls for some time. Even Tanish is also seen brushing in the midnight masala. If all are in the bigg boss house in the midnight masala, then who got a chance or nobody?

We have to wait and watch to know who gets the ticket to finale.

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