Dubai bus accident: 12 Indians among 17 killed in fatal crash

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In an unfortunate incident, 12 Indians among 17 killed in a bus accident on Thursday when they were travelling from Oman to Dubai.

According to the police, seventeen people died in the Dubai bus accident and the bus was carrying 31 people when it overrun a traffic signal near Rashidiya exit.


dubai bus accident

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The bus crashed into a height barrier, slashed the rear window and cut into left side of the bus killing passengers sitting on that side.

The Indian Consulate in Dubai tweeted: “We are sorry to inform that as per local authorities and relatives it is so far confirmed that 8 Indians have passed away in the bus accident”. The death toll increased to 12 later.

The Indian Consulate expressed condolences to the families of those who passed away in this tragic Dubai bus accident.

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