Drunk man throws son into Agra canal for crying & for asking momos

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In a shocking incident, a 31 year old man threw his son into the Agra Canal when the boy was crying and demanding for momos when he was in a drunken state.

The incident came to light on Sunday when the police were informed about the incident. Local drivers, fire brigade, rescue team and disaster team were called in to search for the boy but could not carry out search as it was late in the night.

During the police investigation, it was revealed that Sanjay Alwi aged 31 came to Khadar Puliya with his son after he consumed alcohol. His six year old son was crying for momos and he threw him into the canal in drunken condition suddenly from Khadar Puliya. Passersby noticed him throwing the boy into the canal and informed the police.

The body of the child was recovered from the canal in the afternoon even though rescue operations were started early in the morning. The accused man was an e-rickshaw driver and was arrested by the police.


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