DPS school bus accident in Indore kills seven including six students

Seven persons including six school students were killed and many injured after the DPS school bus collided head-on with a truck after jumping the divider in Indore near Bicholi area on Friday.

As per the primary reports, it is believed that the DPS driver died on the spot along with six school kids. As per the reports from the eyewitnesses, the Delhi Public School bus was carrying around 30 students and the bus driver lost control over the bus and it jumped the driver and landed on the wrong side of the traffic after colliding a truck which was moving in the opposite direction.

The driver and the children sitting in the front side of the bus got crushed. The local people rushed to rescue children from the crushed bus and truck and panic spread in that region.

The injured children were rushed to Bombay hospital for treatment after the ambulances came to the spot. Doctors reported that the condition of some of the children is critical.

Parents rushed to the Bombay Hospital with teary eyes after hearing the DPS bus accident news. Senior police officers also rushed to the hospital to keep the situation under control.

The hospital management is handing over information to the parents about the medical condition of the students.

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