Donald Trump withdraws US from Paris climate accord, says he is not elected to represent Paris

Donald Trump withdraws US from Paris climate accord, says he is not elected to represent Paris

President Donald Trump on Thursday has withdrawn the United States from the 2015 Paris climate accord to keep up with one of his election promises.

Trump in an address given from the White House reminded that he had promised to exit or renegotiate any deal which does not serve the interests of America. The US President thundered that he was not elected to represent Paris but the citizens of Pittsburgh, a city that had voted with nearly 80% in favor of Hillary Clinton.

Donald Trump declared that the US will bring to halt all implementation of the non-binding Paris climate accord. He also added that the US will cease all the “draconian financial and economic burdens” imposed by the Paris climate agreement on the country.

US President Donald Trump photo

US President Donald Trump. Photo courtesy of Donald Trump.

Trump said that the Paris climate accord signed by the previous American President Barrack Obama allowed other countries an unfair advantage over the American industry while destroying several US jobs.

The US President Donald Trump before singling out India and China said: “I cannot, in good conscience, support a deal that punishes the United States — the world’s leader in environmental protection — while imposing no meaningful obligations on the world’s leading polluters.

“This agreement is less about the climate and more about other countries gaining a financial advantage over the United States.”

Barrack Obama reacted to Trump’s decision on the Paris climate accord saying that it would mean that the US would join a selected group of nations that have rejected the future.

While Germany called the US decision as harming the entire planet, European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker termed Donald Trump’s decision to pull out from the Paris climate accord as “seriously wrong.”

Trump Pulls Out US from Paris Climate Accord

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