Donald Trump signs revised Muslim travel ban order leaving Iraq

American President Donald Trump on Monday signed a new executive order, informally known as the Muslim Ban 2.0 which puts a temporary ban on the travel of citizens from six Muslim-majority nations with the exception of Iraq.

The revised Muslim travel ban order will not affect green card and visa holders. It stops citizens of Sudan, Syria, Libya, Iran, Yemen and Somalia from entering the US. Iraq was originally placed with the countries in the Muslim Ban 1.0 order signed in January.

As we know, the January Muslim travel ban order had met with wide spread criticism including from the judiciary. The latest Muslim Ban order looks to be a bid made to get clearance from the judiciary.

Donald Trump signing revised Muslim travel ban order

Donald Trump signing revised Muslim travel ban order

Donald Trump has also ensured that explanation of the basis for listing out the six countries in the travel ban has been included this time around. The new Muslim travel ban order has omitted the preferential treatment dished out to Christian refugees in the January order.

It has called the six Muslim travel ban countries having state sponsor of terrorism which have been compromised by terror groups considerably or contain active conflict zones.

According to the revised Muslim travel ban order, Iraq has been omitted as it presents a different case and that the country has done enough to fight the ISIS on its part to get the preferential treatment.

The new Muslim travel ban order will be imposed after March 16 contrary to the earlier travel order ban which came into effect immediately to cause chaos at airports.

As per the new Muslim travel ban order, a 90-day ban has been imposed on the issuance of new visas for citizens of the six Muslim travel ban countries. Also, the refugee program of the listed countries has been halted for 120 days.

The Trump administration is to look at the security measures deployed to stop possible threats from getting a US visa which will be done during the 90 days of the temporary ban from the six nations.

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