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Donald Trump iphone costs Rs 1.2 Crores

The cost of Donald Trump gold iphone 7 is $ 1,51,000 which is Rs 1.2 crore in Indian currency.

This costly iphone is manufactured by Goldgenie company Sharjah of UAE.

The specialty of this iphone lies in its smart case which is gold-encased, diamond-encrusted iPhone 7 with Donald Trump’s name and face on it.

This iphone was manufactured for Donald Trump’s fans.

The manufacturing of this gold case iphone started when a China based woman approached Goldgenie company for a gold plated phone when Donald Trump won in the Presidential elections.

Donald Trump gold phone

Donald Trump gold phone. Photo courtesy of Goldgenie.

Goldgenie’s managing director, Frank Fernando said that after this personal request, the company has received around nine orders for the gold Trump phone. Now they are expecting more orders in the future.

Goldgenie is a company that specializes in providing customization of household items like mobile phones, games consoles, and household items using gold, copper, nickel, chrome and platinum plating, solid gold, Swarovski crystals and diamonds.

They receive orders from rich countries like Dubai, America and Britain.

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