Devi 2 & Valmiki actress Dimple Hayathi signs Kannada film

Dimple Hayathi is taking rapid strides in showbiz after her poster and Jarraa Jarra item song from the film Valmiki is trending in which Varun Tej is playing the lead role. She recently signed a Kannada film.

Hayathi is roped in as a heroine for a Kannada film to be directed by Chandramouli and she will be paired opposite Ram Gowda in the romantic film.

The filmmakers chose her after watching her Tamil film Devi 2. She will join the sets soon and already started improving her Kannada speaking abilities.

Dimple said: “The film is a contemporary love story, and I play the role of an independent girl, a character that appeal to the youth. My portrayal is very realistic,”.

She added: “I have done a week’s workshop with the team and I am now working on my language and getting my accent right,”.

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