Delhi woman and lover kill minor daughter for seeing them together

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In a shocking incident, a Delhi woman and her lover allegedly killed her minor daughter as she spotted them together on a terrace and threatened them that she would reveal the matter to her father.

Fearing that her extramarital affair may be revealed to her husband, she allegedly slit the 6 year old girl’s throat and pretended the girl was missing after she left for playing.



This incident took place in east Delhi’s Ghazipur area and the police came to know about it at 10 pm yesterday when they got a complaint that a six and half year old girl who was studying class 1 in a government school was missing from house.

Police discovered the girl’s body with slit throat on the terrace of another building after few hours. The residents of the building were questioned in this murder case and the police became suspicious of her mother who was getting confused while answering about the case.

The police came to know that the woman was having extra-marital affair during the investigation. She then planned to kill her daughter and finally got arrested for murdering her. Her lover has also bee detained.

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