Delhi crime news : Unidentified robbers loot Rs 37 lakhs from Flipkart dispatch centre

Delhi crime news : A Flipkart dispatch centre in the Jhilmil Industrial Area of Delhi has been looted by unidentified men on Sunday, who whisked away with a huge amount of Rs 37 lakh.

Three to four strangers had come to the Flipkart location to commit the robbery according to Ramu Kushwaha, a cashier in the office.

A digital video recorder (DVR) was removed by the looters from the centre who also injured a watchman who was hurt in the head.

The Flipkart looters had covered their faces and heads to avoid detection by cameras. Police are analyzing the CCTV footage of the area.

Photo courtesy of Stuart Miles/

There could be a pattern to the robbery at the Flipkart dispatch centre in Delhi and last week’s robbery in Gurugram where Rs 19 lakh was looted by unidentified men who threw chilli powder at three Flipkart employees who had come to deposit the company money in a bank.

It is quite a major loss for the e-commerce company with robbers getting away with Rs 56 lakhs in the space of seven days.

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