Decomposed body of 75 year old man found in flat in Hyderabad

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The decomposed body of a 75-year old man was found in a flat in Hyderabad for over a month while his family was away in United States.

Police suspect that the man has died more than a month ago after he stepped on a lizard and fell down. He might have suffered fatal head injuries which led to his death.

The deceased was identified as Lakshminarayana Murthy and his death news came into light only after his wife and two daughters returned from the US two days back.

This incident took place in Rocktown area at Sai Maruti Residency. The old man was residing alone in a top floor flat and is suspected to have died on August 18 after he fell down. As all the doors and windows of his flat were closed, other residents living in the apartment did not get any foul smell.

A police officer said that Lakshminarayana Murthy seemed to have stepped in a lizard and fell down after he came out after bath, sustained head injuries and died on the spot. Police found a dead lizard near his feet that indicated his skidding after stepping on it.

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As there was no response to the phone calls from his wife and daughters since one month, they decided to return India to check on him.

The flat was owned by one of his daughters which had a central locking system which does not give scope for others to know if anyone was staying inside the flat.

His wife and daughters broke open the door as they did not get any response from inside and were in a state of shock to see his highly decomposed dead body.

Lakshminarayana Murthy hailing from Rajamahendravaram in Andhra Pradesh was a retired government employee. He was not known to people in the apartment. The other residents thought that the flat was locked from outside as they knew that the owner of that flat lives in the US.

Even though his daughters asked him to shift to the US repeatedly, he refused to go there. He sent his wife to US in July and he preferred to stay alone in Hyderabad.

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