Cricketer Ambati Rayudu manhandles senior citizen in Hyderabad road rage

Known for being a highly temperamental person, discarded Indian cricketer Ambati Rayudu was caught on camera in an ugly Hyderabad road rage with a senior citizen near the Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium in Uppal on Thursday morning.

Apparently, some senior citizens who were on a morning walk were frightened by a black coloured SUV which almost knocked one of them. Objecting to the driver’s rash driving, a man appeared to have shouted at the driver who turned out to be Ambati Rayudu.

Expletives were exchanged on both sides and an angered Ambati Rayudu charged towards a man, held him by his collar and seemed to have slapped him in a rage. Other people present there diffused the situation from becoming uglier but the damage was already done with one of them shooting the Hyderabad road rage incident and making it go viral.

Ambati Rayudu photo

Ambati Rayudu. Photo courtesy of Dee03/

The Indian Express reporting on the Hyderabad road rage wrote that no police complaint was filed in this regard by the senior citizen or the cricketer. A video showing the brawl between Ambati Rayudu and the senior citizen revealed that both the men were uttering bad words at each other.

Ambati Rayudu Hyderabad Road Rage Video

A highly talented batsman during his teens, Ambati Rayudu was the India Under 19 captain. However, his career was going off the track due to politics in the Hyderabad Cricket Association which forced him to shift to Andhra.

During one of the Ranji Trophy matches between Andhra and Hyderabad in 2016 at Ananthapur, Ambati Rayudu attacked Arjun Yadav, the son of former India cricketer Shivlal Yadav with his bat. However, that was a result of Arjun Yadav trying to attack him with a stump.

With his career not going the way he wanted, Ambati Rayudu almost committed hara-kiri by joining the rebel Indian Cricket League (ICL). Luckily, he came out of that and was offered amnesty by the BCCI and then got back into the scheme of things by performing well for the Mumbai Indians.

Eventually, Ambati Rayudu did get to play for India, although on a limited basis. The 31-year-old AT Rayudu who had shifted to Baroda and later on to Vidarbha to play Ranji Trophy is now back after several years to play again for his home state Hyderabad whom he will lead in the upcoming Ranji Trophy 2017.

We will have to see if the Hyderabad road rage will turn out to be detrimental in Ambati Rayudu’s comeback plans to play for India again.

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