Cricket Australia Updates Guidelines for Juniors to Mitigate Back Injuries

Cricket Australia (CA) is updating the guidelines for their juniors in an attempt to alleviate the back-breaking work of fast-bowlers. This is their attempt to decrease the number of career-threatening injuries players like James Pattinson are dealing with, and fans are having to consider, and the CA plans to start restricting the amount of bowling that junior cricketers are asked to do.

Specific Recommendations Being Set for Players

Now identifying playing talent at as young as 12-years old, specific recommendations are being set for these players, including the amount of balls which should be bowled over the course of seven days.

Changes will Protect Players like James Pattinson

Alex Kountouris, manager of Sports Medicine, said that these changes would be able to protect players like James Pattinson, who has fought issues with his lower back at a senior level since he made his debut in 2011. He is currently facing the prospect of having to travel to New Zealand for surgery on a total of four stress fixtures in an attempt to keep his career going. Punters who enjoy the cricket markets online betting NZ offers join fans of the player in wishing him the best for a speedy recovery, of course.

Sports medicine manager Alex Kountouris said the changes would protect bowlers like James Pattinson, who has battled lower back issues at a senior level since making his debut in 2011 and will now travel to New Zealand for surgery on four stress fractures in a bid to keep his career alive.

James Pattinson’s Injuries are Very Complex

Alex Kountouris added that Pattinson’s injuries were very complicated ones. His history of unhealed fractures starting during his teenage years have made the whole area of his lower back more susceptible to damage.

Cricket Australia hopes that the changes they have recently put into place for the junior guidelines of the game will reduce this kind of issue with its talent pool going forward. Kountouris said that the goal was preventing these injuries from occurring in the first place in the players just starting out.

He said that, thanks to players’ spines not being fully developed, these stress fractures were causing real damage. The intention was to make sure that the juniors were receiving constant loading that makes their bones stronger, and that, long-term, this would help them developmentally, and foster resilience later on in their careers.

The Pace of Australia’s Attack is Under a Cloud

Pattinson’s injury and the fact that data related to these types of effects on players’ bodies has been made known has also revealed the predicament in which Australia’s current pace attack finds itself as they head into the 2017 Ashes Series against the British.

Alex Kountouris said that each of the Australian bowlers would very likely play each of the five Tests if necessary, but that they would be waiting and seeing what happened after each. He added that preparations were in place so that the players would be able to accomplish five Tests if required, but that this would depend on variables which coaches and selectors would be in charge of putting into place.

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