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Class 10 girl gangraped by seniors in Dehradun boarding school

In a shocking incident, a class 10 girl was allegedly gang raped by four seniors of the Dehradun boarding school last month.

All the accused have been arrested. The girl was 16 years old and the accused are 17 years old. The girl who stayed in the school hostel fell sick and informed her sister that she was raped. It was later revealed that she was one-month pregnant.

Police also arrested five staff members – school director, principal, administration officer, his wife and hostel caretaker as they destructed the evidence.


Girl (Representative Image)

This incident came to light after one month and the school authorities were trying to suppress the matter. The gang-rape took place on August 14 and the girl was gang-raped by four boys of the same school.

Police investigation is on and they found that the school staff is aware of the incident and they were arrested for destruction of evidence under the IPC and POSCO Act.

The victim and her sisters stayed together in school’s boarding hostel. Her sister informed her parents and they reached school immediately. Police also reached the school and took statement from the girl.

Police questioned the staff at the school and the hostel.


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