CIA suggests that US election results fixed by Russia to help Donald Trump

US election results fixed news : In a massive blow to the US President-elect Donald Trump, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) on Friday said that his electoral win over Hillary Clinton was fixed by Russia.

The CIA said that its conclusion that Trump received help from Moscow was not to impact confidence in the electoral system in the United States.

It has been reported by major media publications that the American intelligence officials have zeroed in that the Russian President Vladimir Putin had a hand in pushing Donald Trump’s chances of winning the US Presidential Elections 2016. It is widely believed that Trump would be a friend of Russia while Hillary Clinton would be the opposite of him.

Donald Trump victory speech photo

Donald Trump victory speech

In recent times, relations between Russia and the US have strained, especially on the Syria war with the former Cold War enemies accusing the other of violating ceasefire in the region.

On Friday, the Washington Post broke a story which said that the US intelligence agencies have cracked down on Moscow-aligned individuals who helped Russia and WikiLeaks by leaking thousands of hacked emails from Hillary Clinton among other Democratic leaders’ campaign details.

Hillary Clinton’s chances were dented in a big way by WikiLeaks which uploaded a massive archive of more than 30,000 emails and email attachments sent to and from the Democratic presidential candidate’s infamous private email server in March.

The outgoing US President Barack Obama, who was supporting the Hillary Clinton campaign, has ordered an inquiry into cyber attacks as well as possible foreign interference into the US Presidential Elections 2016 which was surprisingly won by billionaire businessman Donald Trump, amidst all odds.

Obama wants a review into the alleged US election results fixing reported before he quits the White House officially on January 20.

So far Russian officials and Donald Trump have denied the accusations. The latest allegations may sound like a case of sour grapes from the Hillary Clinton team according to the Donald Trump side.

Nevertheless, this is turning out to be a very big allegation made on the incoming 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump, by none other than the country’s number 1 intelligence agency.

In the upcoming German elections as well, Russia has been alleged to play a role in fixing the results, in favor of the far-right parties.

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