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Car hits crowd in China killing six, driver shot by police

A car rammed into the crowd in central China killing six people and injured seven others on Friday and the driver was fatally shot by the police as reported in state broadcaster CCTV.

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The inured people were rushed to the hospital after the incident in Zaoyang City in Hubei Province.

Similar incidents were reported in China in the recent months. 11 people died and dozens were injured when a car struck a crowd in a public square in the central Hunan province city of Hengdong last year in September.

The driver in his 40s was detained by the police, who was described as vengeful repeat offender who had daggers in his car and intended to cause serious damage.

In November last year, a car rammed into group of children crossing the street in front of an elementary school in northeastern Liaoning province in which five people were killed and 19 got injured.

The driver says that he will chose his victims randomly and had reportedly been contemplating suicide due to domestic issues before the tragedy took place.


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