Canada Shooting: Four persons including two cops killed in shooting

In yet another shooting incident in Canada, four persons including two cops were killed when the shooting took place in the eastern Canadian city of Fredericton.

Police said that one person was taken into custody and confirmed that multiple fatalities in the Canada shooting incident on Friday.

Fredericton is a city of around 56,000 people and the police said that the shooting incident is being investigated.

handgun generic image

A man loading his handgun. Photo courtesy of Pong/

The names of the victims are not revealed to the media. Local media images showed emergency vehicles gathered at a tree-lined residential street.

Fredericton police tweeted: Of the four people killed in this morning’s shootings on Brookside Drive, two were Fredericton Police officers.  No names are being released at this time.  Please appreciate this is a difficult time for their families and our colleagues.  We will provide more info when we can”.

Even though gun laws are more strict in Canada than US, proliferation of weapons led to an increase in gun crimes in the recent days.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau tweeted: “Awful news coming out of Fredericton” and added “My heart goes out to everyone affected by this morning’s shooting. We’re following the situation closely.”

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