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Can the FBI crack the Narra Sasikala murder case mystery?

New Jersey crime news : America’s top investigation agency, The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has taken over the Telugu NRI woman Narra Sasikala murder case after local police failed to crack the mystery despite nearly a month after the brutal double murders in Maple Shade, Burlington county in New Jersey.

Now, the onus is on the FBI to solve the Narra Sasikala murder case to put an end to the intriguing mystery surrounding the double murders.

News India Times has reported that the investigation agency was requested to come in by the Maple Shade Police Department and the Burlington County Prosecutor’s Office to solve the Sasiikala Narra murder case.

On March 23, Narra Hanumantha Rao, a Cognizant employee returned home in the night at 9:00 PM only to discover his 38-year-old wife Narra Sasikala and 7-year-old son Anish Sai Narra lying in a pool of blood.

Narra Hanumantha Rao gathered some courage to call 911 to report the New Jersey murder case right in his house in the Fox Meadow Apartments.

Murder case investigation photo

Murder case investigation. Photo courtesy of Simon Howden/

On the phone, Narra Hanumantha Rao could be repeatedly heard saying that he had just returned home from office and had no idea what had transpired.

Back in India, Narra Sasikala’s parents were quick to levy allegations on Narra Hanumantha Rao, suspecting him strongly to be the murderer. This, they said was due to his alleged affair with a Cognizant colleague who has been named as Deepa Ajit in an email written by the late Sasikala Narra to her brother.

Further, Narra Sasikala’s parents alleged Narra Hanumantha Rao of grabbing Rs 1 crore as dowry.

Back to the US, the police did say that they were aware of the disputed marriage but said that Narra Hanumantha Rao had presented a strong alibi that he was at an office party and not at home during the murder of Narra Sasikala and her son.

The police questioned him for several hours but couldn’t get anything concrete to put him behind the bars. They even did not charge him or prevent him from leaving the country.

However, Narra Hanumantha Rao decided to skip his wife and son’s last rites in India.

What made the double murders in Maple Shade spark a wide curiosity in the media and the public is the brutality in which they were carried out. Victims Narra Sasikala and her son were stabbed multiple times on the face and hand, indicating the level of hatred that the killed had for them.

Also, there was no evidence of any break-in or any burglary attempt as nothing was stolen from the house. Clearly, it was a revenge murder which was meticulously planned by the killer who is still on the loose.

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