California wildfire news : North Bay fires leave 29 dead and hundreds missing

California wildfire news : At least 29 people have been reported to have been killed while hundreds have gone missing in the devastating California wildfires which began on 9 October.

On Thursday, six people were killed due to the fires to make it the biggest loss of lives in California wildfires history from a single wildfire event in the state in 84 years, reports Reuters.

More than 8,000 firefighters have been battling as many as 21 wildfires amid gutsy North winds according to California wildfires 2017 news reported by Calfire. Around 3,500 homes and structures have been burnt badly by the North Bay fires which have destroyed 191,437 acres in Northern California.

As per the North Bay fire update, the city of Santa Rosa in Sonoma County has taken most of the brunt of the wildfires with its neighborhoods reduced to ash while leaving images of burnt trees and cars along the streets.

California wildfire

California wildfire news. Photo courtesy of State of California.

The official reason behind the North Bay fires is still yet to be known. However, toppled power lines by strong winds on the night of 9 October could have behind the blaze as per the latest California wildfire news.

Those who lost their lives due to the North Bay fires were caught napping when the blaze spread to their homes. Some of the residents managed to escape just minutes before fast winds helped the California wildfires to extend their damage.

Reports are that at least 400 people in Sonoma County have gone missing. Authorities are finding it very tough to bring back normalcy across Northern California with the gusty winds not helping their cause in dousing the wildfires.

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